Powercords, Motiwraps & Lace Tags

These are all HAND MADE customised pieces using special metal punches, that are hammered individually into the metal. These pieces are not engraved using a machine and are all made by hand. The letters used are Impressart 'Melody'. Due to the process taken, please note the following:

Hand stamped pieces may vary due to the nature of the technique. This includes letters, numbers, designs not perfectly straight and slight variations in alignment and spacing. While every effort is made to ensure they are perfect please allow for some variation in appearance.

Please ensure all wording and/or names, dates are correct when placing your order. Nudge are not responsible for pieces that have been made following your instructions, and at a later date you deem to be incorrect.

Please note, the letters j,m,n,u,w in this set are lowercase as standard.

If Melody is not to your liking I do have other fonts.. "Impressart" - Lollipop, Newsprint, and Juniper

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Powercords - These have been tried and tested with many different sized hands and are all made approximately the same size. One size fits all. 

However, if ordering for a toddler or small child, or if your wrist is particularly small please state in 'notes & instructions' the circumference of your wrist if under 5.0 inches.

Motiwraps - Just simply wrap around your wrist until the desired position is achieved.