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RIGHT, let’s wrap your wrist in a whole heap of HAPPINESS, motivation & inspiration.

Fancy it?

The Motiwrap does exactly that! Stand out from the crowd with these adorable wrist wraps which are individually hand stamped with your choice of inspiring phrases, names, numbers, quotes and mantras. The dimentions of the Aluminium tag is 12 x 50mm.

Swear words are allowed ! (and perhaps even actively encouraged 😂)
In fact anything you like, as long as it fits!
Simply add your desired words in 'Notes and Instructions' after checkout!

These Motiwraps are perfect for runners, gym goers, cyclists or ANYONE who loves a little motivation or simply loves a good quote!

We strongly believe that a positive and inspired outlook is so so important in the world we live in and as a little pick me up around the wrist we hope that it goes someway to buoy you through times where you might need to dig just a teeny bit deeper.

The yarn used is 100% recycled and of great quality. The yarn meets the European REACH standards for the safety of dying chemicals. The composition of the yarn is Cotton with a good percentage Elasthan making the Motiwrap slightly stretchy. The thickness and stretch may vary due to the nature of this product.
A great alternative for people who need a low allergen jewellery.

We understand that by wearing your Motiwrap during activity will become a little sweaty and grubby in time! Don't worry, just throw them in the washing machine inside a sock along with your clothes and wash on the coolest cycle.

Time to get that wrist wrapped, what ya waiting for!?