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Stand out from the crowd with these adorable paracord bracelets!

They are particularly popular within the running community and are perfect for crossfitters, gym goers or anyone who loves a little motivation or simply loves a good quote!

Making the perfect gift, they are very lightweight and comfortable to wear and fit any size wrist. Simply put around your wrist until the desired fit is achieved, using the nifty little slider.
Also a great alternative for people who need a low allergen jewellery.

With our motivational paracord bracelets being hand stamped with individual letters. There may be imperfections in alignment and depth, but we think this adds to the character. We will endeavor to stamp as neatly as possible.

The dimentions of the Aluminium tag is 12 x 50mm.

We understand that by wearing your bracelet during activity it will become a little sweaty and grubby in time! Don't worry, just throw them in the washing machine along with your gym clothes and wash on the coolest cycle.