"Nudge Motivational Jewellery is a collection of handmade jewellery designed to inspire and motivate."


Let me introduce myself. I'm Gem and I am a single mum of two teenagers. I live in Beverley, East Yorkshire, United Kingdom.

From an early age I always knew I would do something creative in my life, and I always wanted to run my own business; but I wasn't quite sure what it would be.
I was never an academic, although I did pass all my GCSEs and seemed to excel in the more artsy of subjects...

I was always quite strong in sports at school, but my love for fitness only came about in my early 30s. I was determined on changing the way I thought about myself and my body. I suffered major depression after having my second child and piled on the weight due to being sedentary and taking medication. I pushed myself to do something everyday no matter how small and soon I felt like me again. I turned to fitness and I also turned to caring for the elderly. Fitness gave me the endorphins I needed and caring gave me the feel good factor, it really was a rewarding role.

I worked out twice a day most days, and tried many fitness classes. One in particular did it for me. I was hooked!
My body shape and mental health changed for the better and I felt amazing! So much so I took my Level 2 Fitness Instructor and then became a Clubbercise instructor, among other things. I taught Clubbercise for 6 years all together and thoroughly enjoyed it. I NEVER in a millions years thought I would ever be able to go on stage in front of all those people, let alone remember 14 tracks and all the choreography to go with it!

It really does pay to jump out your comfort zone!

Meanwhile, I recieved so many incredible stories from my clients telling me how much they loved my classes and how motivating and inspiring I was. I quite often used motivational quotes on my posts to advertise my classes and that was how Nudge Jewellery came about...

...I wanted to design a glow in the dark bracelet, but also wanted to add on a motivational quote. I researched the web and soon realised the idea I had was something quite unique.

It took me a long time to set up as money was quite tight. I had no idea how to set up a business, nor a website to sell my products from. I feel very proud of myself to have got to the stage I have, knowing I did this all by myself and from my mobile phone! I'm still learning now, but I am always improving and moving forward. 

Thank you so much for taking your time to read this and I will look forward to making your jewellery. I hope wearing it will help you and give you a little "nudge" in the right direction...

Gem x